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Bucking the Trend: Contrarian Investing in Australia with Dr. Suhas Nayak

28/09/2023 - Podcasts
What does it take to invest in the stocks that no one else wants? Suhas Nayak is a portfolio manager at Allan Gray, an entirely contrarian fund manager that seeks to find diamonds in the rough in places other buyers aren't willing to go.
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Better Technology Decisions to Unlock Practice Growth

21/09/2023 - Podcasts
In our latest episode of the Praemium Advice Leaders Podcast, we delve into the technological challenges and opportunities transforming the wealth management industry. Our General Manager Matt van Dijk is joined by Peter Worn, Managing Director of Technology and Digital Consultancy at Finura Group, for an in-depth discussion that unpacks the intricacies of advice technology in today's landscape.
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Evolving the private wealth advice model to support HNWs

20/09/2023 - Feature Articles
As high-net-worth (HNW) investors lead the charge in financial innovation, a recent study by Praemium/Investment Trends signals a paradigm shift in their investment priorities. From a renewed focus on income generation amid inflation concerns to a digital-first approach in wealth management, this article delves into the evolving landscape of HNW investing in Australia. For financial advisers, understanding these shifts is not just essential—it's a unique opportunity to enhance service offerings and grow a profitable client base.
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The Evolution of High Net Worth Investors

20/09/2023 - Feature Articles
In an era of rapid change and digitalisation, high-net-worth (HNW) investors are once again proving to be the pioneers of financial innovation. New findings from Praemium/Investment Trends HNW Investor Research reveal a fundamental shift in their investment focus, emphasising income generation, diversification, and intergenerational wealth transfer, all underpinned by a growing demand for digital advisory services. This article explores how these evolving preferences are not just reshaping the HNW landscape, but offering financial advisers an invaluable opportunity to redefine modern advice.
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Alternatives meeting HNWs evolving needs

18/09/2023 - Feature Articles
In a search for increased diversification HNWs are allocating more of their portfolio to alternatives according to the latest research.
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Increasing need for wealth transfer advice amongst HNWs

13/09/2023 - Feature Articles
The importance of the intergenerational wealth transfer for the advice industry has been highlighted in the latest Investment Trends research on High Net Worth (HNW) investors. Many HNWs have already commenced the wealth transfer but acknowledge a growing need for guidance.
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Enhance your client relationships with clear ESG conversations

23/08/2023 - Podcasts
In the latest Advice Leaders Podcast, Invesco's Jacquelyn Mann and Matt van Dijk delve into the art of discussing ESG investing with clients. The episode reveals how using the right language can bridge communication gaps and strengthen adviser-client relationships.
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How to tackle the unmet advice needs of high-net-worth investors

15/08/2023 - Podcasts
In a recent episode of The IFA Show podcast, Maja Garaca Djurdjevic hosts Praemium's Matt van Dijk for a deep dive into the evolving needs of Australia's high-net-worth investors. Covering topics from tailored financial advice to the looming $1.9 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer, this episode offers advisers critical insights to better serve a growing and financially robust client base.
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Rethinking Returns: The Power of Royalty Investments with Samuel Mann

24/07/2023 - Podcasts
In this episode of Praemium's Investment Leaders Podcast Series, Damian Cilmi and Samuel Mann of Longreach Alternatives spotlight the investment potential of royalties across sectors like music, pharma, fishing, and resources. Mann leverages his expertise with the Longreach's PG3 Royalties Opportunities Fund to show how these assets can diversify portfolios and stabilise returns. It's a must-listen for financial advisers ready to broaden their investment knowledge.
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Key Market Drivers for FY24 & Beyond

23/06/2023 - Podcasts
In the latest episode of our podcast, we assemble an exceptional panel of fund managers: Tim Toohey from Yarra Capital Management, Blake Henricks from Firetrail, and John Mulquiney from Lazard. They offer their expert insights into the key market drivers for the upcoming financial year – demographics, energy transition, and macroeconomic trends. Designed to deliver insights financial advisers can use in their end of year client meetings, this episode is a compact guide to the factors steering tomorrow's markets.
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